Timeless, effortless, + high-quality.

TASH is a swimwear and resort label that values quality and sustainability at its core. Each garment is designed and developed in-house and is made in NYC. Our mission is to create timeless fashion that holds it's value over time. We prioritize responsible sourcing of materials, producing in small quantities, and ethically manufacturing each design. TASH embodies everything we love about fashion, with each collection considering quality and simplicity. Each swimsuit is designed to make you feel beautiful, confident, and effortless.


We are committed to operating as sustainably as possible and prioritize navigating our way through the fashion industry and world in general. We are continuously looking for ways to better ourselves as individuals, a team and a brand.  See the ways we have committed to sustainability below:

  • Sourcing raw materials from verified, ethical vendors that exercise fair trade practices
  • Producing in small quantities limits our overwall waste in finished goods and excess material
  • Manufacturing in the USA ensures fair labor practices, high-quality finished products, and limits our carbon footprint
  • Limiting our use of plastic in small ways including plastic-free tags and eco-friendly shipping materials

partnering with

We've partnered with Wastebased for all of our polybag needs. 

The item bag 2.0 isn’t made from polypropylene or polyethylene, the two plastics most poly bags are made from.instead, it’s made from Hydropol, a modified polymer similar to polyvinyl alcohol, the material used to coat dishwasher and laundry tablets. That means that it looks like a poly bag, feels like a poly bag, but when you put it in boiling water, you’ll see it couldn’t be further from a poly bag.it’s the upgrade we’ve been waiting for. since poly bags were invented.

The polybag will dissolve in fresh or salt water and leave no microplastics behind.

You can watch this video to learn how to properly dissolve your item bag.